LPG Conversion Benefits

Low Fuel Prices

With the average price of LPG at 73.9 pence per litre compared to petrol rising to over 137.5 pence per litre, the most obvious reason to convert your vehicle is that you will save up to 50% of your fuel costs.  The savings that you can calculate on our website are usually very accurate.  Bear in mind that the mpg achieved by an LPG run vehicle will be 5 to 10% lower than for petrol so by using your annual mileage and mpg we can measure your savings quite accurately.

Total Fuel Security

LPG is a bi-product of the extraction and refining of oil which primarily comes from the North Sea.  The UK produces 6.4 million tonnes of LPG every year and is a net exporter of this product.  This means that the UK is self sufficient in LPG and has enough to run an average of 6 million vehicles per year before having to import surplus supplies.  As a result, supply and pricing is not subject to volatility in the world market, nor has it been interrupted by refinery or fuel strikes.

Reduced Engine Wear

LPG is an extremely clean burning fuel and therefore produces fewer carbon deposits.  This in turn reduces engine wear as the oil used to lubricate the engine is not contaminated. 

Reduced Emissions

An LPG converted vehicle runs on reduced carbon emissions of around 20% which is the equivalent to 1 tonne per year. 

Enhanced Resale Value

A vehicle that is converted by an approved installer such as Emerald Autofuels will enhance the value of the vehicle. 

24 Month Warranty

All LPG systems that we install come with a 24 month warranty as standard.

Fixed Fuel Duty

The government has a duty agreement with the industry in order to meet environmental targets.  This is a five year programme that ensures the cost of LPG will remain low.  LPG prices are similar throughout Europe.

Reduced Road Fund License

Any vehicles converted to LPG after 2001 receive a road tax discount of up to £20 per year.

High Performance

With all our systems, peak power output is typically only down by 1 to 2% which is largely unnoticeable.

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